Ahlka Vohora

Born in Kenya of Hindu/Sikh heritage, I spent my childhood and teenage years with my family on Safari, surrounded by LOVE and Adventure. 

My love for Meditation and Nature stems from these formative years, absorbed in profound Stillness, immense Vastness, intoxicating Beauty and rich Fragrance of the unspoilt East African Savannah. 

My love of Dancing Stories was kindled around camp Fires, under a blanket of Stars, listening to Lion roar. The MUSIC and Rhythmical Vibrations produced by utterance of Wild animals, touched my deepest chord, a source of Enchantment, Awe and Inspiration. 

This Abode of Oneness I experienced was to change at 20, when my father's life was cut short by cancer and I left my home in Africa for life in the concrete jungle. 

I studied Art History in Paris and began my career as a Writer in London, reviewing movies and interviewing a long list of 'A' list celebrities such as Jack Nicholson, Cher, George Clooney, Uma Thurman, Sean Connery. However, the glamour of the Cannes Film Festival even the Oscars in Hollywood was unable to fill this deep void and longing I felt. 

Overwhelmed by loss, SEPARATION and homesickness whilst searching for greater meaning, I developed a sense of Wanderlust which led me intuitively to SACRED places in the world. 

On my travels, I discovered these sites to have cultural significance to the Origins of Humanity, Indigenous Wisdom, Totem animals and Ritual. This birthed a lifelong interest in other cultures UNITY with Nature and Spirit and the intelligence of the HUMAN BODY as a host for Health and Transfiguration. 

I have dedicated my adult life to RE-MEMBERING, studying various Ancient healing traditions, developing, understanding, integrating, translating and sharing this fascinating and precious INNER landscape we inhabit and the direct affect we can have on our OUTER landscape. 

My observations are recorded and transmitted through the lens of original, transformational storytelling, a pilgrimage into the POETRY of the Sacred Body, Mind and Spirit. 

CONNECTION has always been at the HEART of what I do. Time and time again, I have witnessed the profound change that results when we re-connect to ourselves, to others and to the natural world. 

Inspired by the Sufi path of Love and Nada YOGA is an attempt to move even deeper into the infinite world of Divine Consciousness, Mantra Meditation and Therapeutic Language via the Sacred Science of Sound, in order to provide more progressive, Holistic methods of personal and community care.



Ahlka Vohora

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